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Online Roulette Betting Tip - How Pivot Roulette Strategy Works?

Pivot Roulette Strategy is one of the oldest roulette betting strategies that are still widely used by many gamblers in trying to beat the wheel. Many roulette betting guides are created based on this strategy Fun88. It will work in helping players to make consistent winnings if they have mastered it and use it to make a right betting decision. In order to use it as the roulette winning strategy, you have to understand how it works Fun88.
Let's explore the basic of Pivot Roulette Strategy:
Pivot Roulette works against the probability law, it uses unequal distribution law that describes some numbers will appear more often than others. According to the theory of Pivot Roulette Strategy, the roulette game is not random as it should be. The strategy works based on the unequal distribution law that stated some numbers tend to repeat as the outcome within 24 spins Fun88. If you are able to observe the pattern generated due to imbalance of wheel, you will be able to place your bets that will have high possibility of winning Fun88.


Pivot Roulette Strategy requires the players to observe the outcomes of roulette without placing any bet first Fun88. They need to record the number that turns out on each spin. Once you observe a repeat number, use it as your pivot number, which will be your first number to bet on Fun88. Take 36 spins as one cycle and bet on the number with the same bet amount until you win. Then, repeat the process to find new pivot number to bet on next cycle. If the number is not turned out within 36 spin, take the losses and find next pivot number and start the cycle again. According to the theory of Pivot Roulette Strategy, the pivot number tends to repeat within 24 spins and strategy calls for 36-spin as one round. Let's take an example on how Pivot Roulette Strategy works so that you have clearer picture on how it works:
1. You observe the wheel spins and record the outcome of every spin.
2. The sequence outcomes are: 12, 23, 33, 36, 29, 7, 8 & 12. A repeat number, 12 is observed Fun88.
3. Select 12 as the Pivot Number. Start you bet on 12.
4. If you lose, bet the same amount again on number 12 until you hit a win within 36 spins Fun88.
5. If you win, restart process 1 to find new Pivot Number Fun88.
6. If you don't win after 36 spins, stop your bet. Start process 1 to find new Pivot Number Fun88.


In European roulette, a single win will pay 35/1. The earlier the pivot number spins up, the more profit you will get. For example, if the selected number spins up at the 3-spin, you will get 33 winning chips if you bet with one chip at a time. If you hit the pivot number at the 36-spin, you only get back what you have lost in the previous turns without profit.
To play and win using Pivot Roulette Strategy, you need to spend some times at a roulette table and observe the outcomes prior to betting with real money. You have to identify a pivot number and bet on it with the same bet amount until you hit a win within 36 spins. Otherwise, you have to take the losses and find new pivot number to start your bet again.