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The Roulette Betting Strategy That Beats the Wheel

You may hear about this statement: Roulette is a game of chance that nobody can beat it. The wheel is designed to have advantages to the house; therefore the players are definitely the losers in the long run Fun88. There won't be a strategy in roulette betting that you can ever beat the game and walk away with winnings. Is this statement true? Yes and no Fun88.
No doubt Roulette is a game of chance, meanings that nobody can control the outcome of the game. The ball has equal probability to fall into any slot of the wheel, only GOD can determine it Fun88. But, it does not mean there is no betting strategy that can increase the winning chances of the players. If a roulette player plays the game without any strategy, he is like throwing his hard-earned money into the casino pocket. Without a roulette betting strategy, no player can ever walk away with profit unless he is the luckiest guy on the earth Fun88.


Over the years many intelligent roulette players have tried to beat the wheel with various roulette strategies that work around the "Martingale" betting strategy, which involves doubling the betting amount on every loss until it hits the winning turn to recover the previous losses and the winning equal to the original bet. Theoretically, the "Martingale" betting strategy should work, but it has proven to be flawed in practice and it will cause a large financial loss if the wheel's outcome does not hit the winning turn before it hit the maximum betting limit of the game Fun88. Therefore, any roulette strategy that builds around the "Martingale" theory basically can't work in the long run. You are risking your money if you bet in such pattern Fun88.
There is also common myth stated that the secret code to crack the roulette wheel is the "Green Number". It is called "the house number" because with the "Green Number" on the wheel, the casino creates a house edge so that the casino will make winning in the long run. Therefore, the myth indicates that by betting only the green number, a player will gain the house edge and exit with winning like what the casino does. If you believe the myth, you are definitely throwing your money into the casino's pocket Fun88. Although it is true that the house's advantage comes from the existence of the green number because a roulette game without the green number would be statistically fair to both casino and the players, you should not hope to win by just betting at the green number because it just does not work Fun88.
Then, what strategy works for roulette if you want to beat the wheel? The sad truth is no one strategy will guarantee to beat the wheel. However, there is a roulette strategy working in a way of altering the house edge and turning the advantage to the player side so that the layers have better winning opportunities than the casino.  If roulette players know how to take advantage of this strategy, they will beat the wheel in the long run Fun88.


Most roulette strategies are built using Martingale formula, which proven to be flawed in practice. Some players believe the myth of green number, but the truth shows that players have no way to win by just betting at the green number. The only roulette strategy works to help the players to beat the wheel in the long run is a strategy that works by altering the house edge and turning the advantage to the player side. Therefore, if you want to win at roulette, you will need the strategy to help you Fun88.