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The strongest financial management skills for Fun88 players in India!

The strongest financial management skills for Fun88 players in India! Baccarat makes money not by analysis, but by choosing the right method


Almost every Fun88 casino has membership benefits. This is also one of the key points players consider when choosing which casino to go to. However, it is a headache for those who are new to Fun88 casino games, because I have seen slogans like "return n times, rebate n%", but didn't understand the meaning. andar bahar online


Where is the water in the Fun88 casino?

In fact, we can interpret the "water" in these terms as money that goes in and out of the Cricket Betting. Almost all the actions when playing games in the Fun88 Cricket Betting are related to money, which flows like water. Take the situation of making money from playing Fun88 Baccarat as an example, the complete process is as follows: ipl betting app


Dealing by the dealer → waiting time (dealer leaves the hand, players place bets) → dealer opens and draws cards → the game result is released → the winning player gets a bonus of bet amount x odds


The steps of money flow in this process are that the player places a bet (pays money), wins the bet and gets the bet + bonus. If the bet is lost, the bet cannot be recovered, and the bet amount will be refunded in the event of a tie. Ipl betting


Fun88: What do these names stand for?

  • -What is "pumping"?
  • -What is "valid bet"?
  • -What is "rebate"?
  • -What is "flowing water"?

Fun88: What is "pumping"?

In the Fun88 Baccarat example, if the player bet against the player, the odds are 1:1, which means that you can get 100 more for betting on 100; the odds for betting on the banker are 0.95, and you can get 95 for more than 100. . The 5% where the dealer odds are lower is the so-called margin. It is unlikely that a gambling market will directly write a few% of the margin. This is not because the dealer deliberately does not write it in order to prevent the Fun88 player from discovering it, but this part is seen from the odds <1. Fun88 app


The concept of pumping is like the dealer's redemption or commission. Different Fun88 games have different percentages, and different bookmakers may have different betting games. If you care about how much money you win is taken away by the bookmaker, you can calculate the amount of the rake and rebate and then measure it. online betting sites in india


Fun88: What is "effective betting amount"

The effective betting amount is also referred to as the "effective code shuffling amount", which refers to the amount of betting that has a clear result of winning or losing after placing a bet, deducting the amount of invalid bets and risk-free bets. The amount of shuffling is as much as you bet, regardless of whether you win or lose after the bet.


Fun88 Baccarat's tie will refund the bet that the players have placed (regardless of summer or idle), and the bet at this time is invalid because of the amount. The part of risk-free betting refers to the fact that both the banker and the Fun88 player play, and there must be one side, so it is called risk-free.


The effective bet amount is data that players must pay attention to. For all aspects related to withdrawals, membership upgrades, etc., you need to use the effective bet amount to calculate, and you can also understand your spending in Fun88 Casino from the effective bet amount.


Fun88: What is "rebate"?

Rebate, also called "rebate", is the part that can be taken back from the effective bet amount, which means that the amount you bet each time may be returned to you through the rebate mechanism; we just compared the rebate to The dealer is red, and the rebate is like the dealer giving the money back to the consumer.


Fun88: Is the rebate really much worse?

In fact, if you are a player who has only played in the Fun88 casino for a long time and has a small bet amount, you will not feel the rebate at all, but for Fun88 players who often play, play for a long time or have a high bet amount, the rebate ratio is not high. The accumulation of high will be much worse.


Fun88: What is "flowing water"?

Turnover is the threshold for withdrawal, and its condition is that the effective betting amount must reach the amount of the player's stored value x the turnover multiple.


Most Fun88 casinos use double turnover, which means that if I deposit 1,000 yuan, when I want to receive money, my effective betting amount must be 1,000 yuan or more. Some people will misunderstand this meaning that the stored value cannot be withdrawn. In fact, as long as you have spent more than 1,000 yuan in the 911 Casino to bet, no matter if the amount in the final account is greater than or less than 1,000, you are already satisfied with the withdrawal. The conditions for getting it.


Fun88 Casinos often have different code-adding activities for members to fight for bonuses. Sometimes they increase the percentage of rebate, and sometimes they give away as much as the stored value. These are all ways to help Fun88 players save money while playing the game, but before looking at the turnover multiples and other rules clearly, don’t rush forward to figure out how to get back and how to get the money, so that you won’t be enthusiastic about playing the whole event period. At the end, you will find that you can’t get it out. Very unhappy!


Let’s use a practical example to calculate
Activity 1: Store 1,000 and get 1,000 free, 10 times the turnover When I top up 1,000, the game account will actually have 2,000 yuan, so the required turnover during the event will be 10 times that will be 2000x10 = 20,000, which means that I must play a total of 20,000 at the gaming table during the event. Only then can you get the money.


Activity 2: 3% rebate
We compare with the lowest rebate of 0.1% during the inactive period When my effective bet amount is 1000, I can get 1000x0.1% = 1 yuan rebate during the inactive period; during the event, I can receive 1000x3% = 30 yuan rebate, which is 30 times worse! What if my effective bet amount is 10,000? It's the difference between 10 yuan and 300 yuan...don't count the rest, the money rolling in is definitely a lot worse.