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First, open more gaming tables, it may not attract guests to leave. The second one method, . In addition, when the tables filled with the guest,? At this time, managers can increase the minimum bet amount per table. So,

However, later, currently in Fun88 of casinos, slot machine revenue often accounts for more than half the game Game of income ( according to statistics 2004 Nian, total camp slot machines on the road Fun88 Revenue accounted for 53.48%, while table game revenue was 43.43 %),

In ) in San Francisco during the Gold Rush, the Charlie fee ( CharlieFey ) of the invention. "It's very simple . Just drop a copper coin, and the evolution from electric to computerization. At present, most slot machines are controlled by computers. Huan Here are a few of the world's most well-known slot machine manufacturing units of the company : (i) ! NternationalGamingTechnology (IGT) which is currently the world's largest slot machine manufacturer, they are manufactured mostly in the slot machine's computer connection Mainly by type. And usually placed in the most prominent position in the casino. . Therefore, due to

So far, the record of the highest accumulated online winning prize is 39.7 million U.S. dollars. ( 2 ) The machines manufactured by Bally are mostly themed, for example, Disney cartoon characters, like Popeye or bunny as the theme, or travel around the world as the theme ( three Silicon company is located in the American technology center Silicon Valley, its machines are dazzling, and must be purchased from the machine manufacturing company .

In the second quarter, it is counted as winning on both lines ; if the guest casts three dollars, not only can they win on the two lines, but the diagonal connection is also counted as winning, as shown in the figure. The second is to decide in accordance with various views of the amount of the prize ( in English called Multipliers),, and in line with the pattern instructions, even winning, . The third machine table (Buy-a-Pays) the winning mode and a second similar machine, but also what the winning prize in accordance with the instructions to the machine table illustrating the decision.

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Each station machine has a bearing 4 winning rate ( casinoadvantage ), which means that each makes a dollar coin, entertainment 5 winning (HOLD), managers must calculate winning each machine is actually 2 each portion There are all in the game machine, the winning amount depends on the number displayed on the screen of the machine, not just the amount shown. 18 lines in ( linkedprogressive ), if it sets slot machines India to participate in all of the casino computer connections, the connections when winning success, will be determined in accordance with the computer connection was all the prize money is the number of machines 8 cumulative Amount ( progressiveaccrual ), when the amount of the connection is pulled out, the accumulated amount starts again.

According to research, these chairs are also divided into fixed or non-fixed ones. Due to the fixed number of accidents have occurred over the last chair, at present most of the changes put non-fixed removable seats, more convenient to use, flexible, and saves space, who do not want to sit, chair style with guest chairs can be removed Standing. Second, the display consoles India principle of placing various casino machine sets the way, because of its market segment and operating principles, are different. But the machine sets the winning principle placed, but it is based on customer psychology may be, the basic principle is as follows : 1, " will be out of money " machine India ( LooseMachine ), refers to casino players the chance of winning a larger machine India, Usually must be placed in a place where people come and go,

Compare machine people play station to be placed on the table games area ( PitArea in order to build the casino have a lot of guests during Game 5 "junk" machine India ( GarbageMachine ), refers to this type of machine welcome, but for casino, is a low-paid confidential disposed recovered less conspicuous place, for example : the dressing room who 6 of the same type of machine units to be arranged together, which is the reason for the purpose of which is to maintain the casino enters the entertainment field. India . : near population dressing room of 7 higher profit machine table and testing machine table to be set in more crowds to Wan 8. "high awards" machine India ( GimmickMachine ), refers to the type of game in the field This class machine table should be placed at the entrance or near the place more beautiful crowd, and easy to consume. For casino in order to have higher incomes, and have developed more new machine India awards in addition to the money, for example : the opportunity to travel around the world like a sports car or offer prizes to attract crowds admission to put the home consumer. 9. "high" machine India ( DollarMachine & above ), refers to five hundred yuan of dollars of gambling money machine India ( general machine table gambling money is in US dollars or twenty-five fifth most common ) . This class machine table is set in near the casino site office should bet more than a dollar a preferred secret places, because these guests may want to keep private, to avoid the introduction of Note 10 the newly developed video game station to put the crowd in many places, in order to test the guests to accept the 1 1 at the entrance of the casino generally are less likely to be placed winning money off the machine table . early degrees

Therefore, later many casinos are relatively easy to put reform at the entrance of winning machine India, but to stimulate the guests want to win, to conquer this desire casino, a chance to enter this casino gambling money - In general, slot machines India put the principle, as shown below, but the designer will pipe its configuration designed to be more complicated, where guests can wander where Ferris, stays a little Japanese-Temple

If a foreigner, machine different demographics of India choose casino local residents living close to the ground longer, the ring of the casino! Patterns more familiar, so for the machine table selection has given its preferences and local residents will choose more requires skill and mental machine table bet a casino environment and local residents and tourists to local tourism operators, and this, and relatively Ha machine India (Video game consoles units for players, spent leisure time entertainment continued longer for example, is not easy to lose. Fun88 India for example, Stud machine India Porker) is a kind of mental needs and skills of the game, so the local residents are more accepting of such machines & P sets and bet. As for most tourists to the local area, they can be divided into two types. A class of machine sets the characteristics of the players more familiar, often depending on your own machine India understanding selected machine table bet. In other words, players choose the machine table into account when the machine table game interesting, wagered face and they know the game. The other player is the machine sets the characteristics of unfamiliar players, these players often choose according to their own preferences machine India bet. Usually such players will not bet amount or win or lose as a consideration.

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With machine sets whether the game itself to attract players as the basis for selection. And such machine units is generally referred to as BET of slot machines ( ReelMachine ) . 2. The young generation of players. The young generation of players has entered a computerized environment since childhood, and has also learned computer games and played TV games since childhood. Therefore, the traditional machines in the casino's table will appear more boring for the players of this generation, the casino is not easy to attract players such ethnic bet. While such ethnic groups in the current machine India small game market share of consumption ratio, unlike traditional players are machine sets the main market of the game, in terms of the long term but the market structure, young generation of players in the future will become machine India tourist mainstream games. So some slot machines India 's manufacturers have seen this trend in turn and video game companies to develop a new generation of machine units . For example : specializing in advanced slot machine sets of BallyTechnologies been and video game pioneer Atari signed strategic alliances, the introduction of table tennis for the young generation game console market in India . Fourth, the new machine sets the message machine baccarat table is 2008 Macau Fair Game latest models on display, because the past baccarat game in the entertainment field is a popular table games, so these games have recently become machine India game. The benefits of this development is that you can save a lot of manpower costs, and for players to choose two new games in the casino. Such machines India mainly set in the machine table game, in front of a large screen, and has eight to ten tables game tables to accommodate different play. Players bet according to the method baccarat table game, to determine the winners and losers.

The third chapter of baccarat play ) Questions and Discussion 1 game console table furnishings, What are the basic principles. 2 The relevant locations between the table game area and the game machine area 3 try to explain the cost of the game machines in the casino ? 4 try to explain the machine characteristics of the main game machine manufacturers in the casino . 5 consoles Compare East-West casino table differences revenue.

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